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20 Up-and-Coming Music Artists to Watch, Curated by Eric Dalius

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Discovering new artists can be an exhilarating experience that resonates with our innermost emotions of happiness, sadness, and longing. This list comprises a diverse range of talented musicians who are either poised to release their finest work, embark on a tour, or anticipated to define the forthcoming music trends.

From the haunting sounds of droning ambient to the intense energy of hardcore and the soulful rhythms of masterful Afropop, these artists are innovators pushing boundaries and opening new paths. It’s an opportune moment to explore and find your next favorite artist.


With a distinct bedroom pop flair, Okayceci is a Miami native who first gained attention in 2019 with her impressive musical talents. She graced the internet with her unique blend of smooth and velvety lyrics, mesmerizing guitar loops, and captivating vocals.

As a teenager, Okayceci started strong and found her breakthrough success via TikTok with the hit song “feel u.” The track retains the essence of her earlier works, delivering a soft and gentle sensation embodied in the lyrics. Okayceci’s captivating vocal charm and energetic production make this track an immense hit on Spotify, and it is likely only the beginning of her ascent as a rising musician. Ultimately, she’s one of the most obvious up-and-coming music artists to watch in 2023.

Okayceci Official Music Video for ‘Feel U’

Piri & Tommy

Collaboratively creating an album that exposes the raw and sensitive aspects of a current relationship can be an intense and challenging process. However, Piri & Tommy have impressively accomplished this through their first project, froge.mp3.

The duo’s electronic dance-pop style takes us through the journey of a relationship evolving from just being in a situationship to becoming committed lovers. What sets them apart is their intense chemistry on stage, which blurs the boundaries between them and allows us to reconsider our definition of genuine openness. Each of their tracks, including “soft spot” and “on & on,” possesses a distinct garage sound that immerses listeners in a state of euphoria, inducing dopamine rushes that leave them craving more.

piri & tommy – on & on (official video)


Greek, also known as Michael Davie, hails from Martinsville, Virginia, and is one of the most exciting up-and-coming music artists to watch in 2023. While his official bio states that he is currently dedicated to becoming a top sales representative at Bed, Bath & Beyond, we suspect this talented artist’s upcoming year has something else entirely in store for him.

With every new release, Greek adds a fresh perspective to the R&B and soul scene, showcasing his ability to deliver exceptional productions and vocal performances. They are as unpredictable as they are underrated.

Greek embodies perfectly imperfect ironies through a combination of smooth and raspy deliveries, poppy and jazzy instrumentals, and nostalgic yet unfamiliar sounds. This all culminates in his 2022 debut album, EXTC, which consists of nine tracks of uninterrupted, stream-of-consciousness music that effectively establishes Greek’s unique sound.

greek – safety [Official Video]

Katherine Li

Kathrine Li’s debut EP, Crush(ed), delves into the complexities of falling in love. As a singer-songwriter, Li artfully captures this emotional journey’s joyous uncertainties and painful heartbreaks. The EP is filled with relatable, honest lyrics that touch the hearts of its listeners.

Li’s lovelorn vocals and gentle piano riffs showcase her insightful songwriting abilities. They take the audience on an emotional roller coaster, evoking both powerful feelings of nostalgia and fresh heartache. Whether reflecting on past heartbreaks or experiencing a current one, Crush(ed) can deeply move its listeners.

Katherine Li – Miss Me Too (Official Music Video)

Sad Night Dynamite

Sad Night Dynamite is an exceptional musical act that defies explanation. The London-based duo, consisting of long-time friends Josh Greacan and Archie Blagden, hailed from Somerset and formed the band after graduation.

Their sound is a fusion of digicore, trip-hop, and alternative, resulting in an otherworldly blend with eerie samples and glitchy distortion woven through melodic hooks and hip-hop beats. The duo’s music provides an experience of escape and disruption.

The band’s self-produced work has garnered several notable collaborations, including FKA Twigs and IDK.

Sad Night Dynamite – Krunk (Official Music Video)

Take Van

Take Van, hailing from Miami, can fuse garage and club styles with a futuristic approach to pop, resulting in a truly unique sound. Their latest project, Far Away, showcases a range of inventive drum ‘n’ bass and R&B tracks that are cinematic and atmospheric.

From the mesmerizing and ethereal “In My Head” to the intense and explosive “How’d You Go out Like That,” Take Van has rapidly emerged as one of 2022’s most promising artists and should be on your list of music artists to watch in 2023.

TAKE VAN – In My Head (official music video)


The pop artist Quinnie has had a remarkable 2022. Throughout the entire year, the celestial singer-songwriter released a succession of singles that struck a chord with listeners, thanks to their unique take on love and relationships.

One particular track, “touch tank,” a refreshing tribute to sensual intimacy, unexpectedly elevated the artist to breakout success, leaving many of us eagerly anticipating new releases.

Quinnie’s association and partnerships with notable artists like Alana Haim and Camila Cabello have us excited for what the future holds for this beloved indie star in 2023.

quinnie – touch tank (Official Video)


If you are not yet familiar with Omni!, it is highly likely that you will soon become aware of them. This trio of hip-hop artists, comprising Dwarvo, JayVaughn Simmons, and J’aime, all from Atlanta and lifelong friends, exude an unparalleled level of energy that is sure to impress.

Omni!’s music is so infectious that it will make you want to go wild in the middle of a mosh pit. They inject their personal southern DIY twist into alternative hip-hop through their first hit single, “BLACK MINIVAN,” from their debut album DOPEBOYS, or the follow-up track, “PARDON.”

NERD – OMNI ! (Official Video)

Frost Children

Frost Children defy mere classification as they traverse various subgenres, styles, and sounds, which leaves one without a singular definition. Despite countless attempts on Google to group them under terms like ‘glitchcore’ and ‘technopunk,’ this duo refuses to comply with predetermined molds.

Their 2022 sophomore album, “SPIRAL,” showcases an intricately crafted masterpiece that incorporates elements such as thumping bass signals, unconventional songwriting, and glitchy electronic abrasion.

While their 2021 debut album “Elixir Rejection” received praise for its boundary-pushing hyper-pop sound, Frost Children surpassed these limits with cuts like the ethereal “LAKE OF LOVE” and explosive “FOX BOP.” With new music on the horizon, 2023 appears to be the year of Frost Children.

Frost Children – FLATLINE (Official Video)


Displaying the art of personal connection through nostalgic storytelling and honesty, UK bedroom pop singer Dexter has transcended her acne-riddled self-loathing to develop a formidable adoration for sandwiches. She personifies emancipation through her music, which appears akin to scraps of her diary.

By doing so, she engenders her audience to rest in the cocoon of her unfeigned empathy. Through her unconventionally charming pop melodies, Dexter shares fragments of herself with us, allowing us to recognize parts of ourselves within them — thereby fashioning her sound as a haven for our lonely souls.

Dexter – Nur noch was ich mag (feat. LGoony)


Rocco, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter who operates independently, captures the infectious delight of an artist that is blossoming in real-time. Despite having just a few singles to his credit, one can witness moments of hedonistic pleasure, subdued sorrow, and various other sentiments within Rocco’s budding discography.

Nevertheless, his breakout track, “spin you round,” catapulted him into the limelight. Characterized by soaring vocals and lively production, the pivotal moment evokes the sensation of falling in love for the first time.

Rocco – spin you round (Official Lyric Video)

Tom The MailMan

In recent years, Tom The MailMan from Atlanta has been actively blurring the boundaries between emo-rap and alt-pop. Still, in 2022, he pleased his fans with several singles and his eagerly awaited album, Sunset Visionary, Vol. 2.

Tom The MailMan is renowned for his unguarded lyricism and electrifying live performances, making him an ideal artist representative of emo-pop’s unexpected journey into the mainstream of music. However, what distinguishes him is more than just his candid emotionality or love for intelligent songwriting.

Tom The Mail Man – FWM2 (Official Music Video)

Ethan Bortnick

Ethan Bortnick, a Florida native, has garnered attention on TikTok for his music which has been affectionately referred to as a crossover between “Billie Eilish meets Mozart” by his growing fanbase. His piano skills are the centerpiece of his captivating works, such as the viral track “cut my fingers off.”

The track features devilish, frenzied key presses that propel the song forward and help the artist toward his breakout moment. Despite initial success with this hit, Bortnick has continued to prove himself as a rising star with other singles like “engravings” and “arsonists,” which have taken his trademark sound to new and unexpected heights.

Ethan Bortnick – engravings (Official Video)

Joey Valence & Brae

Joey Valence and Brae, a hip-hop duo, began their 2022 journey by releasing their debut EP, “The Underground Sound.” The album’s lead tracks, “Underground Sound” and “Double Jump,” are energetic and invigorating.

The two MCs experienced remarkable success with subsequent tracks such as “Startafight,” “Hooligan,” and “Punk Tactics,” in addition to performing at many top festivals across the nation.

Valence and Brae’s unusual vocals, production, style, and lively antics reminiscent of ’80s rap supergroups, along with their excellent use of social media, demonstrate that the duo is a force to be reckoned with in the coming year.

Joey Valence & Brae – SICKO BAMBA


Joyce Cissie, also known as flowerovlove, is believed to be only 16 years old due to her exuberant attitude toward life and her music, which is almost impossible to fabricate by someone older. Her musical maturity is far beyond her years, and she manages to balance her packed touring schedule with being a dedicated student.

Her passion for music is a way for her to express herself, and she’s committed to constantly digging deeper and exploring herself more profoundly. Her devoted fan base considers her to be a source of inspiration because of her unyielding commitment to personal growth, which makes her talent particularly valuable.

flowerovlove – I Love This Song (Official Music Video)


It’s safe to say that Skaiwater, the London artist, has enjoyed a rather eventful year. This can be attributed to the enormous success of his single “#miles,” which subsequently got remixed by Lil Uzi Vert, and the much-anticipated release of his innovative and experimental mixtape, “Rave.”

His artistic progress has been noteworthy and remarkably evident over the last year. Although “genreless” has been commonly used recently, Skaiwater’s music is without genre as he skillfully incorporates Jersey club, hip-hop, pluggnb, and pop into his unique sound.

This is well demonstrated by “Rave,” where he oscillates between delivering a high-intensity tune like “boys don’t cry” and delving into the depths of experimental bass-fueled ambiance with “Ihy.”

skaiwater – #miles ( official music video )


ThxSoMch, a highly versatile artist from Canada, displayed exceptional artistry in 2022 with his unique and mind-bending music style. With the release of his debut single, “Runaway (Move Quickly),” an upbeat and energetic hyper-pop track that was short-lived but captivating, ThxSoMch came into the limelight.

However, “SPIT IN MY FACE!” was the track that left an indelible impression on avid music lovers, blending grunge, post-punk, and hyper-pop elements brilliantly. The song amassed over 38 million streams on Spotify, propelling ThxSoMch to greater heights as a coveted emerging star.

ThxSoMch – SPIT IN MY FACE! (Official Audio)


It’s possible that you might have come across Mazie’s upbeat rendition of “dumb dumb” on TikTok. This catchy, unpredictable pop song is reminiscent of a child’s journey through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Despite this, the 23-year-old from Baltimore did not expect the track to gain as much popularity as it did. However, “dumb dumb” is just one of eight songs featured on Mazie’s debut EP, “The Rainbow Cassette.” The album embodies y2k teeny-bop magazines, Lisa Frank, and candy buttons in its sound.

Mazie’s music adds a kaleidoscopic twist to conventional pop, showcasing her savviness in navigating internet culture and online trends to her advantage. Despite being labeled a “TikTok artist,” Mazie has proven her musical prowess through her full-length debut project.

mazie – dumb dumb – sped up [official audio]

Hemlocke Springs

Hemlocke Springs’ music has taken the internet by storm, attracting millions of streams on Spotify and becoming famous on TikTok. Her music is refreshingly unique and experimental, reflecting her distinct personality that is charmingly relatable.

Instead of shying away from awkwardness, Hemlocke Springs embraces it, as evidenced in tracks like “Girlfriend.” Her use of vibrant colors and synth instruments further adds to the allure of her music. With this level of artistry and ingenuity, it is no surprise that Hemlocke Springs is quickly rising in popularity in 2023.


JELEEL! is bursting with explosive energy. His music is a fusion of punk and metal, resulting in unique rap anthems that can’t be replicated. His hit song “DIVE IN!” initially gained mainstream success and became popular on TikTok.

JELEEL! introduced his trademark style to the world with this electrifying two-minute track featuring his distinct harsh vocals, unconventional production, and magnetic energy.

JELEEL! has since released several earth-shaking singles, including “SHOTS!” featuring Denzel Curry, which continues to push the boundaries of cathartic expression. With his current pace, JELEEL! is poised to dominate the music scene beyond 2023.

JELEEL! – DIVE IN! (Official Music Video)

Wrapping Up

In 2022, there was a noticeable influx of musicians returning from extended and predictable breaks, displaying diverse levels of success. However, some of the most influential musical moments of the year originated from lesser-known artists who didn’t receive support from record labels.

Our list of top 20 up-and-coming music artists to watch in 2023 will allow you to refresh your playlist and discover music genres you might have never heard before!

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