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3 New Music Genres You Need to Check Out

Cloud rap has regained prominence in the late 2010s.

The music world is always evolving in terms of sound. This is due to a continuous cycle of people growing up listening to different types of music and then using this influence to create something new and innovative. Such innovation has given rise to entirely new music genres, so let’s look at three fresh music genres you need to check out.

1.     Hyperpop

Hyperpop has been around since the early 2010s, but the genre has been gaining more and more prominence over the years. This genre takes elements from traditional radio-friendly pop music and presents in a unique manner that oozes a more avant garde feel.

This is thanks to production from forward thinking producers such as A.G. Cook and Sophie who push the envelope in terms of what pop music can be. Every artist in the hyperpop genre sounds markedly different and has left their own imprint in the scene. It’s certainly one of the most innovative movements to arise in pop music in recent decades.

2.     Cloud Rap

The Cloud Rap genre emerged in the early 2000s and was part of the underground hip-hop scene in Southern musical hubs such as Atlanta and Houston. The genre is characterized by the use of ambient samples to convey a distinctly floaty feeling juxtaposed with rhythmic rapping.

Artists such as cLOUDDEAD and Lil B contributed heavily to the genre in the 2000s and developed a cult following. The people who were fans of their music eventually went on to create their own cloud rap in the 2020s, which is why there has been a reemergence of this style in recent years.

Some prominent modern cloud rap artists include Bones, Clams Casino, and Yung Lean. People across the country are hooked on this unique style of hip-hop and we can only imagine what the next generation of artists influenced by it will sound like.

3.     Lo-Fi

The Lo-Fi genre also isn’t new, but it has evolved in its own way and gained mainstream popularity in recent years. There’s no concrete definition for what “lo-fi” is, but it is meant to represent the opposite of “hi-fi” or “high-fidelity”.

A “hi-fi” recording is generally one with a crisp and polished sound. With that in mind, a “lo-fi” recording would be one with a more degraded or run-down feel.

Such music sounds like it was created using poor-quality equipment and generally has a “flawed but charming” quality to it. You don’t have to look farther than the now-famous “Lo-fi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to” stream on Youtube to get an idea of what this music sounds like.

Lo-Fi music is interesting because there are hundreds of producers making music in this genre. However, the genre has yet to produce any prominent artists that are household names. In this regard, the entire scene is composed of producers and DJs all tied together by a certain “lo-fi” sound.

Listening to New and Innovative Music Genres

As you can see, there are plenty of new and exciting music genres to check out in the 2020s. Consider listening to the genres mentioned above if you’re interested in hearing what artists and producers at the forefront of music development are creating.

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