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5 Interesting Benefits of Discovering New Music

Benefits of discovering new music

Are you one of those people who only listen to a handful of music artists and like staying in their “favorite music shell?”

Have you ever thought you might miss out on other great things happening in the music world?

This industry is so vast and dynamic that there’s something new and exciting coming up every other day. Then why only listen to a particular genre/artist or two and rob yourself of the chance to discover new music?

Whether you’re a listener or a musician, exploring new music promises several benefits for your personal taste and professional growth. 

Top 5 Benefits of Discovering New Music

1.     It Releases Happy Chemicals in Your Brain

The biggest benefit of discovering new music is that it triggers the chemical release process in the brain, pushing you to experience intense or cathartic emotions.

By discovering new music, you get to explore new pathways in your brain. When you keep listening to the same songs, the patterns of that particular genre are absorbed in your brain, bringing you a sense of familiarity. You can broaden those patterns by listening to new songs and genres.    

Besides, it feels good to divert your mind from the songs you keep listening to over and over and feed it some new music to analyze and get in sync with. A shuffled playlist can improve dopamine levels in your brain, allowing you to focus and concentrate better and enhancing your creativity.  

As such, listening to new music can help you think of new ideas and provide a mental break when you’re struggling to stay focused and productive.

2.     It Can Get You Hooked on New Genres and Music Artists

When on a mission to discover new music, you may be surprised at what you find!

You’ll likely come across new genres and music artists you never knew existed. Exploring outside of your musical comfort zone is the key to finding something new.

In other words, don’t hesitate to think international. Music from other countries and cultures is a great way to broaden your musical horizons.

You can check out online music streaming services like Spotify, which has a wide selection of international music. You can use the search bar to find the type of songs you’re interested in or explore all that the platform has to offer.

3.     It Promotes a Love for New Languages

Music and language share a special bond. They’re both made up of sound and rhythm, so it’s no surprise that language and music are intertwined. Not only can music help you learn a language faster, but it can also help foster a love and appreciation for the language itself.

You’re exposed to different languages and cultures when you discover new music on a global platform. Learning the lyrics of a new song can be a great way to start learning new words and phrases. Listening to the song can help you hear how the language is spoken and get familiar with the accent.

You could also look up the lyrics of the songs in various languages and give yourself a chance to learn and practice unique words and better understand diverse cultures.

4.     It Pushes You to Mix Your Sound with Different Influences

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut as a music artist?

It’s easy to get into a groove where the same songs keep playing on repeat in your head. Fortunately, discovering new music can be incredibly rewarding and push you to mix your sound with different influences.

For this to happen, you must make an effort to explore different genres of music that you normally wouldn’t. It could be anything from jazz to EDM, hip-hop to classical—just about anything that catches your ear.

Going to live music events can also be a great way to connect with different kinds of music and the people who make it. You can also connect with other music lovers to discover new songs. Whether sharing favorite tracks with friends or joining a local music appreciation group, connecting with like-minded people can be a great way to be exposed to new sounds.

Once you find new music you like, try incorporating it into your sound and see how you like it. Listen to the various elements of the music and how they work together to create a unique sound. If you’re a producer, you can use the different elements of the music to create your unique style.

5.     It Helps You Learn More about Instruments

Discovering new music can also help you learn more about instruments and techniques you may not have known before.

When you listen to a song that you haven’t heard before, it’s often like taking an adventure. You’re unsure what direction it will take and what kind of sounds you will hear. As you listen, you may start to recognize patterns, rhythms, and instruments you may have never been exposed to before.

From jaw harps to marimbas, there are thousands of musical instruments out there. Who knows, you might be fascinated by something so much that you’d want to learn it and use it in your future songs!

Learning about instruments through discovering new music can be a great way to expand your knowledge and skills. It can also help you add a unique touch to your music. As you learn about different instruments, you can start to understand how they interact with one another and how each instrument contributes to the overall sound.

If not, you may discover distinct ways to play your instrument of choice when discovering new music. From guitars to flutes, instruments are played in various ways by musicians across the world. Some tunes might stick with you and become an inspiration for your next track.  

Final Words

Music discovery can take your whole musical experience to new levels of enjoyment!

Whether you’re an avid music lover searching for new music to add to your playlist or a musician looking to broaden your scope in the industry, you can experience several benefits if you put in some time and effort to discover new music. 

There is a wealth of music out there, and sometimes, the best discoveries come from the most unexpected places. So, explore different genres, listen to podcasts, read reviews, and attend live shows to discover new music you may have never heard.

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