Journey So Far - "Eric J. Dalius"

Eric, a resident of Miami Beach, lives with his beautiful wife Kimberly Dalius

Although now a very successful and renowned marketing professional, Eric Dalius initially began his journey with numerous hardships. That is why his story is such an inspirational one.


After graduating from Penn State University in 1992 with a degree in marketing, Eric immediately entered the workforce. His passion and determination led him to earn the title of the #1 sales representative in the country at MCI Telecommunications, which was the second-largest long-distance provider in the United States and a Fortune 50 company at the time.


In 1994, Eric came up with his first business initiative in telecommunication consultancy services, which became very successful in a short amount of time. Then in 2004, he began the Cash Out Real Estate (CORE) program and attracted investors from all over the country who were impressed by his ability to take $30 thousand and turn it into over $2 million worth of real estate in less than 24 months.

Following the economic recession of 2008, Eric continued to seek new opportunities and work, even if that meant having to start from the very bottom. Now, he is a semi-retired and well-known marketing professional who has generated over $50 million since 1990 by focusing on the MLM or Network Marketing business model. He continues to provide coaching services to existing and new companies that want to expand their products or services through the model. Eric is also an Investment Manager at Starlite Fund, which focuses on capital investments in real estate properties and businesses throughout Miami, Florida. Additionally, he actively evaluates and invests in real estate, Bitcoin, and other forms of cryptocurrency.


When he isn’t working, Eric enjoys spending time with his family, coaching Little League baseball, and working on his foundation, through which he provides financial aid and resources to low-income students from all over the country.

Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius: An Entrepreneur Focused on Excellence

Eric graduated from Penn State University with a degree in marketing, where he realized the importance of secondary education. He is now a successful marketing professional and entrepreneur who spends the majority of his time working on the Eric. Dalius Foundation, which was established in 2018 to help students from lower socioeconomic statuses fund their postsecondary education. Through his foundation, Eric Dalius hopes to merge all of his philanthropic activities and create a platform where students can find the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to achieve their goals.


Cash Out Real Estate


In 2002, Eric Dalius launched CORE (Cash Out Real Estate), whose inception as a unique membership-based organization was brought about by utilizing the AAA model. Through its operations, CORE grossed more than $10 million in sales and Eric Dalius was able to share knowledge with those seeking to learn the secrets around profitably buying and refinancing properties.


A Philanthropist at Heart


With decades of experience as a successful marketer and a genuine desire to help others, Eric Dalius has earned himself a positive reputation from all who know him, be it professionally or personally. Driven by big dreams and goals, he has gained huge respect through his boundless vision, dedication, and fervor for making a difference in other people’s lives. Eric firmly believes that tuition costs should not stop a talented and deserving student from earning a degree. With college fees in the United States averaging $10,000 for in-state and over $25,000 for out-of-state, Eric Dalius hopes to lower that burden and provide financial ease for many students through the Eric Dalius Foundation.