My Journey - "Eric J. Dalius"

Eric Dalius currently enjoys semi-retirement. A majority of his time is spent
scaling the Eric J. Dalius Foundation (established in 2018). The foundation was
established to help students with the heavy burden of tuition fees. Eric J Dalius
hopes to one day merge all philanthropic activities merged into his foundation.
Until then, Eric commits his own personal assets to the funding of his various
scholarships and grants.

Eric Dalius

Eric J Dalius: An Entrepreneur Focused on Excellence

In 1994, EJ Dalius established his signature telecommunications consultancy
company. Throughout his career, he balanced long work hours with a love of
coaching youngsters learning about baseball, and about life. The 90’s proved
prosperous for his businesses. During this phase, Eric J Dalius strengthened, and
established himself as a formidable entrepreneur.