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EJ Dalius: How Scholarship Motivates Students Into Higher Education

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Eric Dalius

Summary: Why scholarships can motivate students to continue higher education? Find out the opinion of EJ Dalius about obtaining the motivation of scholarships.

The expense of pursuing higher education is growing in leaps and bounds but does that mean that it is becoming a stumbling block for students to continue higher education? With such steep costs, scholarships are fast becoming the savior option for students and also their families.

Types of scholarships: EJ Dalius

As Eric Dalius considers scholarships the need of the hour, here is what you need to know about the financial grants. Before assessing the role of scholarship in motivating students to continue higher education, here is what you need to know.

  • Need-based scholarships

As the name reveals, the students requiring financial assistance. To stay in the realm of higher education must get a need-based scholarship. Therefore, the scholarship does not segregate the students based on any other factor except. The financial background and the income of the household. Students seeking this scholarship do not need to demonstrate their athletic potential or test scores.

  • Merit-cum need-based scholarships

There are two different eligibility criteria for obtaining this scholarship. The first parameter is that the students should belong to families with low household income and have good academic score. However, the score you need to obtain and the category of household income can vary from college to college. For instance, if you are studying in a public college, it is necessary to follow the guidelines of the state.

  • Merit-based scholarships

The merit-based scholarships apply to those students with high scores and promising academic achievements. Therefore, the financial status of a student does not fall in this category. However, students can show merit in any field. So, high scores in academics, excellent performance in athletics, and sound achievements. In extra-curricular activities are some of the steps to consider for merit-based scholarships.

According to Eric J Dalius, the colleges have a few parameters to choose the candidates for merit-based scholarships.

Benefits of scholarship according to EJ Dalius

One of the obvious benefits of procuring a scholarship is making college more affordable for students belonging to different backgrounds. With the growing expenses of education becoming. One of the major deterrents for pursuing education, scholarships provide much-needed solace to those who need it. Besides, it also boosts the confidence of each student and motivates them to continue education.

Closing thoughts of EJ Dalius

The monetary support of scholarship involves a good amount of money and without any conditions attached. Usually, the students need to maintain a high GPA and have a good track record on disciplinary grounds. Therefore, the terms and conditions associated. A scholarship makes the students perform well and assist them in accomplishing a good career ahead. According to EJ Dalius, if you want to get success in life and save the expenses of education, you need to aim for a merit-based. Scholarship and demonstrate your multiple facets and also other areas of interest.

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