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EJ Dalius: The Unforeseen Funding Challenges Faced by Young Entrepreneurs

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EJ Dalius

EJ Dalius entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that provided the basics of a business concept including the market opportunities. The management team, the controls, and the operating systems, etc. are sound, there may be enough money out there. The challenge of getting that capital for growing your organization could be truly exhilarating. As a young entrepreneur, you may find it exciting to go out searching for funds. For your business but it could prove to be equally threatening. You would be encountering certain harsh realities that could prove to be major funding challenges for your business. We know that no entrepreneur could escape such funding challenges. But by understanding what they precisely are, a young entrepreneur could try preparing to face them at the least. As per experts at Forbes, funding is all about probable risks. And rewards that imply it is bound to be inherently volatile. 

Every funding stratagem and every financial resource would imply certain commitments and out-of-pocket expenses. Unless the young entrepreneur is aware of them and has a pre-determined strategy. To handle them well ahead of time, he may end up with a poor funding deal. Identifying funding challenges for young entrepreneurs and their small businesses. And constantly overcoming such challenges. Could go a long way in assisting small businesses to sustain and thrive. Even in a situation marked by economic instability. In this context, if you happen to be a student aspiring to be a successful entrepreneur. But are finding it difficult to pay the fees for your higher education. In a prestigious college, you may apply for the Eric Dalius Grant for students.

Businesses Are Not Educated Enough

EJ Dalius ignorance could be your biggest challenge. Ignorance simply cannot be regarded as bliss anymore. The best opportunity for a business to reach its investor or fundraising objectives. And goals are by being educated to the extent possible before initiating a business. A hurriedly-crafted funding plan could prove to be ineffective. And would not take your business where it deserves and surely needs to be.

Businesses Often Do Not Know Their Vision Clearly

If you are not sure about your business vision. It could prove to be one of the greatest funding challenges for your business. It is quite childish to expect that somebody would agree to invest in an organization. When the business owner is not too sure about his vision. If you are not having a compelling enough and crystal clear vision for your organization. Investors are generally interested in a young dashing entrepreneur who is articulate. And passionate about the very foundation or the reason.

Businesses Are Not Equipped with the Relevant Market Knowledge & Information

EJ Dalius as a young entrepreneur, you need to know everything about your target market. You should know everything about your potential customers. You must know how broad is your target audience, how quickly could you boost your audience size. An organization must have sound knowledge about its potential market. So that all investor queries could be answered promptly. And correctly to create an impeccable impression of the company. You should consult experts so that you know precisely. What to say when funding companies ask you how quickly the investors and the company could expect to get the initial ROI. 

Businesses Have No Idea as to How Much Funding Is Required 

EJ Dalius it could be one of the greatest funding challenges if you do not have an idea. About how much funding your business requires at present. Investors are quite insistent about not just knowing how the money would. You must know precisely how much funds. You are looking for and also, know where you would be using those funds on. Must have accurate answers to questions such as how much money would be devoted. To branding or rebranding exercises, or why are you thinking of hiring more marketing experts at this point. 

Businesses Are Having No Safety Net

As per, older entrepreneurs have a pension or retirement fund or some savings accumulated over years so they could avail that money to repay investors if the business fails by any chance. Young entrepreneurs have a tough time in arranging funds for their small business. Moreover, there is no financial safety-net hence that could prove to be a major challenge while looking for funding from investors. It is a good idea to think in terms of starting your small business with your savings initially and take baby steps towards the road to success.

Businesses Often Have No Qualified Experts in Key Positions

EJ Dalius depending on precisely where an organization is during the fundraising phase, it could be having a fully-operational workforce. However, like several small businesses and startups just managing to get their footing, there could be just two experts trying to manage everything. That could be a huge funding issue. It is best you consider getting long-term experts in place pronto.

A proficient entrepreneurial team would be demonstrating the efficiency, drive, and passion it takes for achieving success to potential investors and other staff. You must get a reliable team so that there could be many experts evaluating funding opportunities from various angles. You must involve your expert team.


Even though young entrepreneurs encounter certain unique and unforeseen funding challenges that generally do not impact the older entrepreneurs, they are having a fresh attitude, new approach, and oodles of energy for achieving success in their business venture despite major challenges. Decisions regarding precisely how much funds to be raised, and from what precise sources, in equity or debt, under specifically what terms – all these restrict management in a certain way and lead to commitments that must necessarily be fulfilled. These commitments could end up crippling a growing organization, yet managers are prompt in delegating their fund-raising stratagems to financial advisors. You need to keep in mind that all financial advisors are, unfortunately, not skilled equally. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur and not any outside expert to face and manage the consequences. 

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