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Eric Dalius elucidates the basis of scholarships for the visually impaired or blind students

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Eric Dalius

Summary: Eric Dalius The United States has made giant strides in the last few decades to help the visually impaired in realizing their academic dreams. EJ Dalius presents a comprehensive study.

The ACB or American Council of the Blind annually provides 20 scholarships to undergraduate, graduate, and vocational students. These pupils are legally blind and they have solid involvement in their local community and school.

  • The American Foundation for the Blind also provides a great scholarship program for meritorious, deserving students. Blind or visually impaired students can apply for the scholarship every year to bolster their post-secondary education. You can contact the council for additional information or applications.
  • You also have AER or Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired that offers the prestigious Ferrell Scholarship to legally blind students. They help students, who are hoping to build a career in the rehabilitation or education of blind adults and children, says Eric Dalius.
  • The Christian Record Services also provide scholarships in every area of study to legally blind undergraduate students. The Blind Veterans Association or BVA is another famous organization offering scholarships and grants to dependent spouses and children of the US Armed Forces. These dependents are all blind.

More on the scholarships with Eric Dalius

ABC or the Association of Blind Citizens Reggie Johnson Scholarship is for legally blind students. It’s a very reputable scholarship. They award $2,000 and eight scholarships worth $1,000 each to winners.

  • Applicants must submit a 300-500 autobiographical writeup, elucidating how the scholarship could help them to achieve their vocational program or college aims.
  • The American Action Fund Scholarship provides financial aid to undergraduate and graduate pupils, who are legally blind. They select recipients on the basis of their financial need, service to the local community, and academic excellent.
  • You also have the National Federation of the Blind scholarship Program. Each year, it provides a plethora of scholarships, about 30 awards in total for recognizing blind scholars’ achievements.
  • For full-time, blind students, they give awards on the basis of the same parameters, confirms EJ Dalius.

Some more prominent names with Eric J Dalius

The US government and the Department of Education have education simple, accessible and easy for blind students. Visual impairment cannot be an obstacle to knowledge. Hence, they teach different auditory methods of indicating or signaling in traffic or in other public places. They have also converted thousands of books into audio books.

Additionally, the collegiate society has been forthright in taking steps to help students with visibility problems. You’ve many college classrooms and sessions now accommodating blind students to take part in touch-based lessons and navigation. They have seamless access to dormitories and academic sections.

  • The National Federal of the Blind has the largest and the most reputable scholarship for blind students. It provides 30 scholarships every year, ranging from $3,000-$12,000 to legally blind pupils, who’re pursuing higher education. It could include doctoral degrees or college freshmen degrees.
  • The Georgia Council of the Blind funds up to $1, 000 to students. They also help those who have legally blind parents, says Eric J Dalius.

However, students need to be financially weak or dependent on qualifying for this scholarship.

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