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Eric Dalius Giving- 10 Tips to Becoming a Great Leader

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Do you want to be a great leader? asks Eric Dalius Giving

It takes more than just talent and vision — it takes practice. And it starts with mastering the basics of leading employees.

That’s why we asked leadership expert Ken Shelton, author of “Success as a Leader” (publisher- Create Space Independent Publishing Platform), for the top 10 tips to becoming a great leader. He shares them below:

1. Set objectives and goals –

Good leaders set clear and measurable goals and provide their employees with direction on how to achieve those goals. Setting precise, reasonable goals instills confidence in your employees by providing them with an understanding of what is expected from each of them as well as the entire team.

2. Delegate properly –

Proper delegation is a key to the success of every organization. Don’t try to do everything yourself or micromanage your staff; that type of behavior will frustrate, discourage, and demotivate your employees. Give them tasks that are proportionate with their skill set and assignments they can accomplish successfully, knowing you can trust them completely.

3. Act with integrity –

Always act with integrity by keeping your word and following through on promises made to both your staff and customers.   A lack of trust diminishes employee morale, so always maintain an open-door policy for feedback so issues can be quickly identified and corrected, if necessary. If negative comments or complaints surface, do not ignore them; rather, confront the issue head on.

4. Consistent communication –

People don’t like uncertainty or surprises. Efficient leaders are adept at communicating with their staff on a regular basis to make sure everyone is informed and up-to-date on new developments within the organization. Also, employees appreciate when their manager provides feedback on how they are doing; open two-way communication serves to strengthen relationships and improve productivity explains Eric Dalius Giving.

5. Be approachable –  

Always be accessible especially if an employee needs clarification of goals or questions about his or her position in the company, etc. A good leader welcomes input from everyone willing to share it. Plus, an open door policy which also means keeping your office door open, will instill a sense of loyalty and trust as your employees will know they can approach you when faced with a roadblock or to gain clarity on something.

6. Have a sense of humor –

In tough times especially having a leader around who possesses a great sense of humor is always welcome. Employees genuinely appreciate an individual who knows how to laugh at themselves and the situation at hand. You show that you are human not afraid to show emotion, which in turn helps build relationships that lead to trust and respect from those around you.

7. Reinforce accomplishments –  

Always acknowledge and celebrate both the small wins as well as the big ones, because it helps remind everyone why they work so hard every day for your organization. An occasional pat on the back or shout-out when they least expect it, makes them feel appreciated for their efforts.

8. Be worthy of respect –

A good leader will always be worthy of his or her employees’ respect by setting an example of how to behave in business situations with customers, vendors, and fellow staff members says Eric Dalius Giving. Your employees will follow your lead even in private matters where you are not being on watch; always make choices that are consistent with what is expected from a leader within your organization.

9. Give sound feedback –  

Good leaders provide constructive criticism when warranted which helps guide employee development especially if there is room for improvement. An employee who is fully investing in his or her role wants to know how he or she can do better, so be specific in providing feedback that will enable your employees to do just that.

10. Show enthusiasm –

Passion is contagious and it is essential for every leader to show enthusiasm by displaying great interest, energy, and excitement about not only their own agenda but also that of their team. Employees are inspire when they see their manager display this type of passion since it helps to forge an emotional connection with staff members; employees feel good working for someone who makes them feel even better! (BPT)


Leadership is a gift that not everyone has, but those who do have it are very fortunate as they can help guide and inspire those around them to work together for the betterment of the company says Eric Dalius Giving. Leadership skills are something that can learn and practice too so put some of these tips into practice and observe how they impact your employees!

Good leaders make their people feel safe – As people follow someone; one of the things they look for is safety. They want to know if we care about them if we will take care of them. If we’ll protect them from each other and from outside threats.  Leaders provide this sense of safety by making sure that their relationships with others are built on trust. Trust is the foundation that builds safe relationships. One of the ways leaders communicate trust is by being dependable.  People follow us because they believe in us and if we are dependable they can believe in us for bigger things.

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