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Eric Dalius Grant

About Eric Dalius Grant:

Eric completed his studies at Penn State University in 1992. And Saivian Eric Dalius understood the importance of diversified interests. Saivian Eric Dalius is an advertising and business visionary. Now devoting most of his energy to helping those in which Eric sees special gifts. Eric Dalius Foundation was funded in 2018. Moreover, he is fully helping students in stressed financial situations with their post-secondary education costs. With his creation, Eric Dalius aims to consolidate all these great practices and efforts and create a platform where subordinates can find information, skills, and also assets needed to achieve their goals.

Eric Dalius Grant announces the annual college scholarships. We would like to offer scholarships to students who have an interest in business, education, technology, and also blogging.


To apply, applicants must be registered and/or recognized by an official high school in the United States or a college in the United States. In any case, this grant will be awarding funds, contingent upon a deep study of the essays you submit.

Winners can have written creative essay(s) that answers the following questions:

Is Cryptocurrency the future of money?

Instructions for the Eric Dalius Grant:

The generous Grant application can be awarding to Graduate and also Post Graduate students deserving in the current year. The scholarship amount to be awarded is $1000/.

Eric DaliusGrant Amount:

This scholarship is a double award of $1000/-


The Deadline for this scholarship is

Deadline 1: 1st August 2022.

Deadline 2: 1st April 2023.

A winner will be notified on

Winner 1: 15th August 2022.

Winner 2: 15th April 2023.

We will notify the winner via email or phone call and also post the winner on our Facebook page and other social media.

How to Apply:

Applicant must send mail, with 12 points text textual style font, double spaced font, printed Word doc report or Google Doc report document, 1200 words or less document with a title.

Candidate can submit their unique thoughts in terms of essay on and also the essay topic is “Is Cryptocurrency the future of money?”

The following information should immediately follow your 1200 words essay:

  1. First Name Last Name, Phone Number
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Your highschool Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
  5. The college/university you are applying to, have been accepted to, or are currently enrolled in.
  6. In addition, your personal bio in 290 characters or less.
  7. Current or last GPA

To submit & apply your grant application