Last Updated – 22nd-July-2020

Eric Dalius is a marketing guru and world class entrepreneur. Through his
successful ventures, he has built unique pathways for both financial and personal
success. Eric Dalius dreams of creating a better world. His mission is to find and
nurture talented and hardworking American students in pursuit of higher
education. He has instituted the Eric Dalius Grant, which will award tuition
funding to the most deserving candidate.

Cash Out Real Estate: Brainchild of Eric Dalius
In 2002, EJ Dalius decided to venture out of his comfort zone, and explore new
business opportunities. He launched CORE (Cash Out Real Estate). CORE’s
inception as a unique membership-based organization was brought about by
utilizing the AAA model. Through its operations, CORE grossed more than $10
million in sales. Through CORE, Eric J Dalius was able to share knowledge with
those seeking to learn the secrets around profitably buying and refinancing

Eric J Dalius is a Philanthropist at Heart
Eric Dalius is a man of integrity, willing to stretch his mind as he seeks to
accomplish goals others cannot match. He has gained the respect of his peers
through vision and dedication. He is driven by big dreams, and big goals, always delivered with quality. Eric J. Dalius graduated from Penn State University with a degree in marketing. The importance of secondary education was drilled into him as he pursued his degree. His desire to give back to students can be traced to his university days.

Eric J Dalius is a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word. He believes that
tuition costs should not be a barrier to obtaining a degree. With tuition fees
averaging $10,000 in-state, and upwards of $25,000 out-of-state, Eric J Dalius
seeks to lower that burden. 

An eligible applicant to the Eric J Dalius Grant must be either a high school senior
planning on attending post-secondary education, or a
freshman/sophomore/junior/senior attending an accredited US college or

Eric Dalius Grant Instructions
Applicants must write an original essay using the following prompt: “Funding
Challenges Faced by an Entrepreneur and How to Overcome Them”.

The essay must be a minimum of 800 words.
Applicants should submit their essay and all other necessary information (listed
below) to Eric Dalius at Please attach
your essay as a word document.

Grant Deadline 1: 15th August 2020
Grant Winner 1: 30th August 2020
Grant Amount 1: USD1000/-

Grant Deadline 2: 1st April 2021
Grant Winner 2: 15th April 2021
Grant Amount 2: USD1000/-

Include the following in the body of your email.
Contact Number
Mailing Address 

Email Address

Scholar at a recognized or accredited institute

Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

The accredited or recognized institute, college, and university that you are
presently enrolled at
Current GPA

Grant Winner Selection Process
The grant winner will receive a status update via email. Their name will be
published on The successful grant recipient must excel in academics and write an excellent paper based on the aforementioned topic. The award will be made directly to the
financial aid account of the grant winner.