Last Updated – 22nd-July-2020

Eric Dalius is a true marketing genius and a successful entrepreneur. He has always been committed to setting high standards for himself and others. Through several of his successful business ventures, he has unveiled the secrets of achieving success in the highly competitive world of business. Eric Dalius is driven by pragmatics and a vision, and he dreams of creating a better world for everyone. His mission is to help talented and deserving, but underprivileged, American students to pursue their dreams of higher education. He has instituted the prestigious Eric Dalius Grant for the most deserving candidate who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

Cash Out Real Estate: Brainchild of Eric Dalius

In 2002, EJ Dalius decided to explore new business opportunities and launched CORE, which stands for Cash Out Real Estate. CORE’s inception as a unique membership-based organization was brought about by utilizing the AAA model. Throughout its time in operation, CORE accumulated more than $10 million in sales. Through CORE, Eric J Dalius was able to share his wealth of knowledge about buying and refinancing properties. However, due to the economic recession, CORE was forced to halt operations in 2008.

Eric J Dalius is a Philanthropist to the Core

Eric Dalius is a man with a strong will, and he is willing to give up everything in order to accomplish his goals. He has received high acclaim for his vision and dedication. He is driven by big dreams and big goals. He never compromises on quality. He values people who share his characteristic drive. Thanks to his goal-oriented spirit, Eric has achieved great success in the marketing field. Eric J. Dalius graduated from the marketing program at Penn State University. He realized the importance of post-secondary education. Because college was an important part of launching his career, he wants to help a deserving student achieve similar success.

Eric J Dalius is a philanthropist at heart, and he thinks that the high cost of college attendance should not be a barrier to being successful in the marketing industry. Because tuition fees average about $10,000 in-state and more than $25,000 for out-of-state students, Eric J Dalius wants to help partially fund these expenses. Dalius knows that many bright students hail from disadvantaged backgrounds, so he wants to do his part and help pay for college fees. This is why Eric J. Dalius came up with this amazing grant of $1,000 for a deserving applicant every semester.

An eligible Eric J Dalius Grant applicant must be a high school senior (must show proof of acceptance into an accredited US college/university or a college freshman, sophomore or junior, currently attending an accredited US college/university.

Eric Dalius Grant Instructions

Applicants must write an original essay using the following prompt: Funding Challenges Faced by an Entrepreneur and How to Overcome Them.

The essay must be a minimum of 800 words.

Applicants must submit their essay and all other necessary information (listed below) to Eric Dalius at Please attach your essay as a word document to the email.

Grant Deadline 1: 15th August 2020
Grant Winner 1: 30th August 2020
Grant Amount 1: USD1000/-

Grant Deadline 2: 1st April 2021
Grant Winner 2: 15th April 2021
Grant Amount 2: USD1000/-

Include the following in the body of your email.


Contact Number

Mailing Address

Email Address

Scholar at a recognized or accredited institute

Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

The accredited or recognized institute, college, and university that you are presently enrolled at

Current GPA

Grant Winner Selection Process

The grant winner will receive a status update via email and their name will be published on

The successful grant recipient will excel in academics and write an excellent paper on the given topic. The grant winner will be informed via email. The grant winner would receive the prize money of $1000 upon acknowledgement of receipt of the official email. The grant money will be transferred to the legitimate bank account of the Eric Dalius Grant winner.