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Eric Dalius Recommends Investing in These Miami Properties for the Best Returns

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Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius marketing professional, Eric Dalius has a keen interest in investment properties in Miami, Florida. There are many people like Eric, who prefer buying houses, renovate. And sell them in places like Little Havana, where property prices are fair. One can invest in single-family homes or multi-family units in Miami, a city known. For its stunning, vibrant beaches and pleasant weather.

Many people argue whether to buy and sell investment properties in Miami or use multi-family homes as rentals. Both tactics are beneficial to minimize overall risk and improve. The chances of maintaining your financial health for the days to come. The greatest benefit lies in branching out your real estate portfolio in Miami. Read on to learn more.

Eric J Dalius on single-family homes

Even though there are a smaller number of Miami property owners compared. To renters and the increasing cost of investing in a home in the last few years. Did squeeze more individuals out, spending on single-family homes is your best bet even today. If you want to get a fair return on investment consistently, year after year. Let us cite an example to make this point clear.

For instance, even when the real estate market has experienced a rock-solid run of increasing. Median property sales prices in the last couple of years. The early,fast-growingreal estate sector has become a little sluggish, of late.

Again, as data reveals, sellers are receiving somewhat less than the asking price. Therefore, according to EJ Dalius, if you are planning to invest in real estate in Miami, Wait until the time. When the demand for properties swells as well as the price. Focus on homes that sell at high prices during the peak season.

Multi-family properties

Even when the rate of employment is at present higher compared to the national standard. And the probability that the current trend would continue in the days to come. Most of Miami’s residents have no homes of their own. That is because of the increasing living cost Miami, usually, and the increasing price of buying. A home more particularly, and above all, as someone wants to buy a property close to the beach.

Again, Miami is also a major entry point for both global and interstateneophytes. Who juststarted their residency through renting, and notpurchasing. Moreover, it’spower of numerous influences that have forced Miami’s fraction of renters on the brink of 70 percent.

Then, of late, the Miami rental market witnessed a big uptick. When the rent for a single bedroom increased from astandard $1,669 each month to $1,900 per month. Moreover, in certainareas, such as Brickell, the rentskyrocketed by a gigantic 23.9 percent, which means $2,749.


If you manage to invest in multi-family housing in Miami in the last couple of years. As well as at a price ensuring an ideal cap rate for investment home or property. The increased rent would enhance the flow of your monthly income too. The best thing is buying a property in Miami at a price below the market price.

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