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Eric J Dalius: Planning scholarships to your favor

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Eric Dalius

Your passion and willingness to complete a higher education degree may lead you to look for some Eric J Dalius financial relief so that you can focus on your ultimate goal. Student loans can be one solution, but the burden of repayment can put you under tremendous pressure unless you get done with it. Another alternative is scholarships. Merit-based scholarships with varying award money amount help thousands of students cover their education cost. You can also apply for them and reduce your monetary stress. However, like you, there will be many contenders. So having a proper plan to approach this is critical. Here is a quick look into it.

How to prepare for a scholarship?

Organize all the scholarship options in one place

Whether you did a Google search or visited scholarship listing sites, you may have gathered information about a couple of scholarship programs that match your interest area. You can record all of them with full details in a spreadsheet for easy access. You can create headings, such as application deadline, winner announcement, winning amount, essay topic, documents required, etc. Simultaneously, you can create columns indicating where you already applied, where you are not interested, and where you plan to pursue.

Build a proper application plan

A successful entrepreneur and mentor, Eric Dalius suggests that it is up to you to decide where you plan to apply first. However, please focus on scholarships with the nearest deadlines or decent award money. Besides, calculate the chances of winning a scholarship. More precisely, scholarships with simple requirements, which don’t ask for essay writing, can attract countless entries. Hence, the odds of winning there can be slim. But the ones that ask for details and demand more involvement will get fewer applications. So weigh in on these factors.

Besides, you should have enough time to prepare for your application. If the deadline is too close, it will be better to look for something that has a sufficient gap and is not too far. Focus on requirements that complement your skills and where you can come out stronger.

Accumulate details and send them on time

Eric J Dalius says that it is necessary to attach all the documents that the scholarship providers request. If you send an incomplete application, it can get immediately rejected. So, ensure that you furnish all the details, from test scores to university name to subject-matter expertise or whatever they require. Go through all the requirements before doing anything. It will help you arrange all your papers in the right order. Once everything is ready along with the essay, you must not delay sharing it with the committee. Late application or not applying will not help you. However, if you follow the deadline correctly, you can expect a positive outcome.

Luckily, some scholarship programs offer award money to bright and luminous students regardless of their specialization area. You can sift through such options to add to your list of suitable scholarships. They, too, will have specific eligibility criteria. If you fulfill them, you can win the award.

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