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Eric J Dalius: Write a winning essay to qualify for a scholarship for your higher education

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Eric Dalius

Completing a college degree can be your dream, but funds can be the real challenge. To overcome this obstacle, you can apply for reliable local scholarship programs. If you qualify, you can use the money award to cover some part of your education expenses. It can be a massive help, no matter what amount you get. However, when you apply for a scholarship, your writing talent plays a critical role. The deciding authorities will judge your essay as it demonstrates your personality more than anything else. They go through countless entries so many times that an ordinary piece will easily bore them.

That’s why your focus has to be on making your scholarship essay interesting for them, and you should also enjoy writing it. Here are a few suggestions in this regard. Let’s go through them once.


You will be competing with at least thousands of other students to secure the winning amount. To stand out from the rest, you have to make your essay outstanding. If you don’t have much experience in this, consider checking papers submitted by other successful students. Some websites even offer free samples. You can read them for insights. Make sure you don’t copy or rewrite their ideas. Just get a feel of it.

Essay formatting

The marketing wizard Eric Dalius says there are dos and don’ts of writing an essay. You have to be thorough with them to increase your odds of success. Follow all the guidelines provided by an organization, college, or foundation. Many times, entries get rejected for not adhering to the required standards. Since it can be hard to remember all the rules, you can note them and apply them to your paper.

General rules

Although there can be specific guidelines of a scholarship program, you also have to brush your knowledge of essay writing’s general rules and combine them with the particular ones. Eric J Dalius says it is essential because authorities mention specific requirements assuming that you will already have a basic idea about proceeding with your paper.


Every committee wants to see your individuality through your paper; that’s why they put certain checks and balances. They investigate your essay for plagiarism for this core reason. So even if your writing is authentic, you should not take any chance. Some common phrases and expressions in your paper can go against your expectations. To eliminate such risks, you should take the help of online tools that can dig into nasty surprises.

To be precise, it is your responsibility to write an original essay for a scholarship. Please go through all the instructions before you start working on it. If you have a mentor, you can approach them for any advice. They can suggest whether your choice of topic is useful or not. Your ideas need to be precise because they will reflect in your writing too. You can create an outline to build a proper structure. Also, ensure that your sentences are crisp and straightforward. You don’t need complex expressions to put across your thoughts.

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