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Grow Your Business in the Post-Pandemic Era by Following These Guidelines by Saivian Eric Dalius

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At this moment, it’s the most important thing all the businessmen of this world have put their minds into getting the most probable solution(s) of the situation says Saivian Eric Dalius. It’s not only a new normal but also, we are looking at a new world with new norms to follow. Achieving success in this post-pandemic era will require you to rethink, relearn, recreate, and redefine the world that you knew earlier. 

Leaders are trying out the different models of work processes (like in-person, remote, or hybrid models) and are weighing out the pros and cons of each of them to get the best out of all. But what goes true for any business is to make sure they grow. Some companies have seen extreme rise during the pandemic, whereas some had no option other than closing down. In this uncertain post-pandemic era, it’s very tough to pinpoint a distinct business strategy that is surely going to work. We can only make some suggestions. 

Look at growth from a new perspective – says Saivian Eric Dalius

The growth curve of some businesses hasn’t stooped during this pandemic crisis and most likely is never going to stop growing as long as human growth is concerned. The other businesses should look beyond consumers and capital markets if they want their businesses to thrive during such times. Leaders should think of creating value for consumers. They can also introduce value for their partners as well as the larger communities. Change is the constant. So should be the business models and strategies. According to Saivian Eric Dalius, they should be such that they can fit in any situation as and when required. 

Redesign your supply chain

The supply chain logistics went for a toss during the lockdown phase. It certainly requires redesigning. Delay in shipments, wastage of raw material in the storehouses, shortage of essential commodities, and many other such problems were faced by the manufacturers. So, if you are thinking of new strategies to put to use to grow your business, then do take into consideration the supply chain issues. If you face the same problems again, you will never witness your company growing. Improve your supply chain flexibility, increase transparency, take the help of new technology, and do whatever you think would be best for your company.  

Saivian Eric Dalius advises the company owners to offer products and services that will survive in any situation  

Pandemic times saw apparel companies producing masks and distilleries producing sanitizers on a large scale. But the same products will no longer hold the same value when the effect of the pandemic will fade away. They must have other products or services to offer the customers to carry on with the growth process. Saivian Eric Dalius says that it should portray that they are there to cater to the needs of their loyal customers not only during tested times but whenever it’s needed. 

Think beyond being just a local business

As many businesses lost their physical entity during the pandemic, they resorted to having an online presence. It enabled them to serve their local customers without any hindrance. But the moment one goes online, their presence will be felt nationwide. So, they must be prepared to serve their local customers as well as fulfill the order placed from halfway across the country. 


Understand the changing taste of your consumers. They keep on changing irrespective of the time. So, a flexible model is what every business owner must implement to see a steady growth of their company.  

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