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How should businesses create a marketing plan during COVID-19? EJ Dalius shares ways to position for success

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Eric Dalius

EJ Dalius there’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has created havoc in the business landscape—the industry verticals, like restaurants, hotels, and also printing, witnessed massive changes almost overnight. Currently, after a stretch of rigid lockdowns and also stay-at-home orders, when the government is easing the lockdown rules, most business brands are thinking of ways to expand their business.

The key to business growth is an intelligent marketing strategy! The question remains how brands can and also business houses create the best marketing plan during the COVID-19 phase? According to leading entrepreneur EJ Dalius, it requires a change in a business perspective and also correct market observation and also analysis. He shares three ways that business owners can use to position their brand for success in the coming days.

1. Creating a robust marketing plan By EJ Dalius

Business owners must consider how their marketing initiatives currently appear. They should also imagine how marketing initiatives would appear in the future. Hence, it is necessary to create a marketing plan that will generate long-lasting, stable association with the target customers. All these initiatives shouldn’t be temporary. There’s more to do than merely concentrate on marketing during the pandemic and also stagnate once the situation heals. According to Eric J Dalius, your business growth will falter if you don’t take continuous actions irrespective of the business landscape. One trick for creating the best marketing plan is to ensure how fast or effectively it can translate to sales.

2. Planning for future By EJ Dalius

Even amidst all the uncertainty, a few PSPs (Payment Service Provider) conjecture the time until the pandemic might last. The best approach for businesses is to detach and also identify the names they want to get into a business alliance in the future. For this, you need to make an unbiased assessment of your business to distinguish between the business strategies that are working and also not working for you.

Eric Dalius analyses the current situation and says that it’s a moment for business reinvention. He further asserts that businesses need to think about how they want their brand to get perceived beyond COVID-19. Do employees need to learn new skills? If yes, then it is time to do so. You need to think about your current customers and also realize all you are selling and all you can trade in the days to come. It will help to take a holistic view of the business and also help you plan for the future.

3. Education is essential

Currently, there is a great chance to create an educational campaign for consumers. Hence, business owners can shift their focus on knowledge sharing instead of promotion and also sales campaigns. Other than trying to educate the current customers, you should also pay attention to the employees. Many businesses today are providing a wide range of data free of any cost. You need to motivate your staff and also employees to do the same. It is an excellent time to study and have an in-depth understanding of the various marketing platforms or the software you can use to enhance customer service.

Creating a marketing plan for the sake of it will not work for you! You must use the tactics mentioned above to develop a marketing plan that works for you.

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