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How to apply for Eric Dalius Grant

Financial obstacles that students must overcome to obtain a degree in the US often pose a significant challenge. That leaves many students dropping their higher education plans. While it is heartbreaking for individual students who fail to meet their life goals. It is also a significant loss for the country unable to nurture talents. That could bloom into exceptional leaders in the future and drive the nation toward economic prosperity. Eric Dalius, who has enjoyed high success during his two and half decade career. As a marketer and entrepreneur have always backed innovation and creativity. He is frequently on the lookout for new ideas that can provide a cutting edge in competition. And inspire entrepreneurs to scale new peaks.

 Eric J Dalius believes in spotting talent early and back them solidly to ensure that they can complete their education and move ahead to become leaders of tomorrow.  He has created a foundation in his name that offers scholarships and grants to students who show the early signs of making it big someday but cannot arrange for finances for their education.  It provides an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their dreams of obtaining a degree without worrying. About finances so that they can fully concentrate on their studies and complete the course within time.

Eric Dalius Looking for the entrepreneurial spirit

The grants offered by Eric’s foundation are for students who are needy and have the traits of becoming industry leaders. In the future by using their entrepreneurial understanding and spirit. Eric is keen to identify exceptional talents in the nascent stage and nurture them. It with financial support through grants so that it helps to realize his dreams of creating leaders of tomorrow. The grants offered by the foundation are applicable for Bachelor’s degrees across the universities of the USA and cover all undergraduate degrees. The foundation’s sole consideration is to back the right talents by offering a grant of $1000 per student as one-time assistance.

Applying for grant

Before applying for the grant, students must know about its applicability and qualifying criteria. Earlier, the foundation offered a scholarship for one student for one year, but now it assists one student every semester. Students who have completed high school and planning to pursue post-secondary education at an accredited US college or university are eligible for grants. It even includes a freshman, junior, sophomore, or senior too.

The grant application process is different because Eric wants to identify the right students who have the entrepreneurial spark. In them and at the same time need financial assistance. To apply for a grant in 2021, students must write an original essay of a minimum of 800 words that cover the topic ‘Funding Challenges Faced by an entrepreneur and how to overcome it.”  They must submit the essay and other necessary information to the foundation by logging on to the portal

The foundation wants to support hard-working American youth’s aspirations to help make America Great. By completing their college education and pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.