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Inspiring Employees to Become Motivated – The Eric Dalius Mantra for Driving Business Growth and Productivity

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Everything is the same, the difference between a business that seems unstoppable. Another that is putting in a staid performance, is the level of employee motivation by Eric Dalius. Motivated employees can transform the internal climate of the organization and contribute to driving business growth with increased productivity and work efficiency. While every employee may be motivated by different factors, business managers. Implement an employee-centric policy that can promote optimism and motivation across all of them. Eric J Dalius shares his list of favorite techniques for motivating employees.

Why Is Employee Motivation Important? 

While there are many individual benefits of employee motivation, the prime benefit boils down to helping meet the organizational goals through increased productivity. With the help of motivated employees, the business can achieve higher sales turnover, better profitability, improved market share. Motivated employees are more committed to the company and their work. Will readily put in the extra effort that can make all the difference to the output. Motivated employees are also more satisfied with the workplace environment, the company policies, and the opportunities for personal growth.

When employees realize the difference motivating makes to their careers and personal growth, they feed encourage to put in even more effort. Although employers may be recruiting the most competent people for the job profiles. The result may often be compromising if there is a lack of willingness to give their best on the part of the employees. Some tried and tested methods of boosting employee motivation:

Give Employees a Clear Idea of What They Are Suppose to Achieve by Eric Dalius

It is not uncommon to find business productivity lower than expect simply because employees have not been given a clear set of objectives. Direction on their key responsibilities. Even if there is a great work environment, an employee who is not clear about what he is supposing to do. How he is supposing to interface with his coworkers can often work at a level far less. By motivating employees, they are encouraging to find out and achieve the key objectives they have been hired for. Clarity of direction and objectives gives employees a sense of purpose which can enable them to perform at their best. However, employees will have to take the trouble of clearly defining the objectives. They are aligning with the strategic framework of the company.

Promote Self-Esteem of Employees

Employees who are high on self-esteem are more likely to be achievers than those who lack esteem. A motivated employee is also generally high on self-esteem that powers him to think innovatively and confidently and consider taking a higher level of risk to achieve better results in the workplace. Eric Dalius also suggests that employees with a high level of self-esteem are more likely to feel empowered to improve the work environment with their perceptive suggestions. Because they have the confidence, they are more willing to take on the varied challenges every business in a competitive environment needs to deal with continuously.

Since they are both capable and motivate, they set a shining example to other employees that have a beneficial effect on the entire organization. Motivated employees who are also high on self-esteem are more confident of their ability to contribute to the organizational objectives by persevering even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. It also helps employees to expect more out of life and form better relationships with other people. In short, self-esteem helps to make employees feel more confident, competent, contributing, and appreciated.

Recognize Employee Contribution Advises Eric Dalius

Employee recognition is a major factor in increasing the motivation of employees. A reflection of the appreciation by the company of the efforts of the employee to walk the mile for improving the business. It is also a reflection of the trust that the employee enjoys by the company. A big factor in overall employee satisfaction with the workplace environment and of supervisors. Employee recognitions are also very useful for motivating the other employees to put in their best.

Implement Training and Development Programs by Eric Dalius

Implementing training and development programs for employees not only creases their skill level. Productivity but also is an indicator that the company management believes that they have the capability of taking on additional responsibilities and are good candidates for an accelerated career growth path. The variety of skill development programs that a company makes available to eligible can be a big motivator for them. To achieve the criteria that qualify them to participate in the training programs. Many companies also encourage employees to voluntarily take up training programs and give promotions. Pay increases as an encouragement for developing their potential. These skilling and training programs can be varied in nature and should take care of the growth potential of employees across diverse functions so that nobody feels left out.

Provide Higher Levels of Autonomy to Employees 

The prime challenge for human resource managers in any organization is to create a culture of continuous growth. Excellence by motivating employees to contribute their best. While most businesses are conscious about the need to provide monetary benefits and perks to incentivize. Motivate employees, many of them fail to recognize the importance of issues like communication, involvement, recognition, and relationships. Employees who demonstrate a track record of working well without close supervision can be reward with a reporting structure. Where they are not overseen by a manager on all aspects of their work; the freedom from micromanagement by their supervisors can be a very strong motivator for work excellence.


Employee motivation can be among the biggest differentiators between businesses. Not only does a high level of motivation result in operational excellence but also it fosters positive morale, and confidence, readiness to take risks. A charged-up employee invariably delivers far more in value than what he costs the company. Which is a very strong reason to put in systems and procedures to motivate employees.

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