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Leveraging Influencer Marketing to Promote Your Music

How to Use Social Media Influencers & Reach Millions For Your Music

Influencer marketing has become a huge part of many marketers’ strategies. It’s easy to see why: Influencers have access to millions (or even billions) of people on social media and can help you reach them with an authenticity that celebrities just can’t replicate. Influencers are everywhere. They can be your favorite musician, the local yoga instructor, or a friend of a friend who posts funny videos on Facebook.

Influencers might not be your target audience, but they might have the audience you’re looking for—and can help you reach that audience.

As an artist or band, you might be wondering how influencer marketing could help you promote your music. Let us tell you about our own experience with influencers and give some tips for how to use them too.

Authenticity Is Key.

It’s important to be authentic. Influencers are most likely going to promote your music if they genuinely like it, and you can tell when someone is being fake. Be transparent, honest and human in all of your interactions with influencers.

Finally, don’t ever be afraid to take risks by trying different things that haven’t been done before—you might end up creating something awesome.

Always Be Measuring.

You should always be measuring your campaigns and their effectiveness. This is true for both paid and organic influencer marketing, but it’s especially important for the latter as you don’t have a budget to work with.

What to measure:

  • Total reach on social media
  • Conversion rates (e.g., how many people purchased after being exposed to your product/service)

How to Measure It:

There are lots of different ways to measure influencer marketing campaigns. You’ll want to get data about how many followers an influencer has, how much engagement their posts receive and what kind of engagement they get from their audience (likes, comments etc.).

After you gather all this data, you can use it in an analysis tool like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights that will show you things like percentages of referral traffic coming from platforms or demographics. These insights will help inform future decisions related to which types of content creators would be best suited for promoting your music project or company brand overall.

What Do Influencers Get Out of The Partnership?

Influencers are not just getting free products to promote—they’re being compensated for their posts. In a partnership with a brand, an influencer may be offered a fee based on the number of followers they have. Some even charge a flat rate per post or campaign.

The more prominent and reputable your influencer is, the more they’re likely to cost you in terms of payment. But when it comes down to it, if your product is worth promoting, you should be willing to pay them fairly for their efforts.

Bringing You the Results You Need.

Influencer marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website. The more people are talking about you, the more eyes will be on your page. The downside of influencers is that it can get expensive quickly and it has been known to backfire on companies in the past.

However, if you’re careful about what you are asking them to promote, use an influencer network like Fohr Card or FameBit instead of hiring individual influencers directly and make sure that they’re driving conversions (and not just likes), then it can be a powerful tool for promoting your brand online.

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