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Saivian: 15 Augmented Reality Apps You Should Know About

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Augmented Reality is one of the most popular and talked about technologies out there today. Augmented Reality apps allow you to experience a real-world environment while also being able to interact with digital content that is superimposed onto that environment says Saivian. This can be done through your smartphone or tablet camera, or even with specialized glasses or headsets.

There are already a ton of great AR apps out there, but here are 15 of our favorites:

1. Pokémon GO

This one needs no introduction – Pokémon GO was by far the biggest augmented reality app when it first came out, and it still has a huge following today. The app allows you to capture Pokémon in the real world by walking around and finding them hiding in your surroundings.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat is well-known for its filters and lenses, but the app also offers a great augmented reality experience. You can use the rear-view mirror in your car to see how you would look with different makeup or hair styles, or you can even add fun animations and characters to your surroundings.

3. IKEA Catalog

The IKEA Catalog app allows you to view the company’s furniture catalog in augmented reality. This means that you can place virtual furniture in your home to see how it would look, which can be really helpful if you’re trying to decide on a new piece of furniture but don’t want to go through the hassle of actually getting it delivered and assembled explains Saivian.

4. Star Chart

Star Chart is a free app that allows you to view the stars and planets in augmented reality. To use this app, just point your smartphone or tablet at the sky and it will overlay what you’re looking at with information on constellations and planets.

5. Ikea Place

Much like the IKEA Catalog tool, Ikea Place allows you to see how furniture would look in your real-world surroundings before buying any of it. Once again, this saves everyone a ton of hassle and can help ensure you get exactly what you had in mind for your home.

6. Google Translate

Google Translate is a really handy app that can translate text between dozens of languages. But the app also offers an augmented reality translation mode, which allows you to point your phone’s camera at a sign or other text and see the translation in real-time says Saivian.

7. Ingress

Ingress is another popular augmented reality game that has been around for a few years now. The game is all about gaining control over different areas by capturing “portals” using your smartphone.

8. WallaMe

WallaMe is a social networking app that allows you to leave virtual graffiti all around the world. You can add text, drawings, or even photos to walls, buildings and other public spaces and then share them with friends.

9. MeasureKit

MeasureKit is a neat tool that allows you to measure anything in augmented reality using your phone or tablet’s camera. This can be really helpful in the kitchen when trying to figure out how much flour, sugar, etc. to use in a recipe.

10. Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is an astronomy app that gives you information on the stars, planets and other celestial bodies that are currently visible from Earth. You can point your smartphone at the sky to see what you’re looking at, as well as get additional data on it through augmented reality mode.

11. Wikitude World Browser

Wikitude is another augmented reality browser that can overlay different information about the world around you. This app has a number of different modes to choose from, including landmarks, tourism, friends & family and even home improvement.

12. Monocle

Monocle is an augmented reality platform that allows you to explore cities in more depth than with other apps. The company also offers custom content for organizations and businesses so they can provide location-based information to their customers or visitors through this app explains Saivian.

13. Wayfair

Wayfair allows you to virtually place different furniture and home decor in your living space. Just pick out what you’re interested in, take a picture of the room you want to add it too, and then see how it would look with that piece of furniture or accessory.

14. Zappar (formerly Zapr)

Zappar is an augmented reality app that lets you discover content through the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Point this app at a sign or packaging and get access to reviews, videos and also other exclusive content for your viewing pleasure.

15. Augment (formerly DAQRI)

Augment is another popular AR tool that can be used for everything from training employees to working with customers in real-time. This app is a great way to keep everyone on the same page and make sure that everyone is getting the most out of any given situation.


These are just a few of the many augmented reality apps and tools that are available today says Saivian. Whether you’re looking for an entertaining game, a way to get furniture for your house, or new ways to train employees, chances are you can find it with one of these AR apps.

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