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Saivian Eric Dalius Tells You the Signs When Your Star Performer is Ready to Lead

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Leadership problems are costly. Saivian Eric Dalius says According to recent surveys by think tank Booz & Co, more than two-thirds of executives believe leadership failure is the biggest issue facing their companies, according to recent surveys by think tank Booz & Co.

Leadership costs include wasted time and energy, lost opportunities, and subpar results. However, behind all those numbers are real people who feel frustrated or demoralized if they cannot fulfill their potential as leaders. If you’re a leader yourself, you must be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses to influence how effective the rest of the team will be at meeting challenges.

Is there anyone on your team who has what it takes to become a true leader? And if not, how can you build up those around you so they always strive to be at their best? Here are five signs that one of your star performers might be ready to lead-and five actions for building leadership in others.

Five Signs Your Star is Ready to Lead

1)  Your star performer shuns credit in favor of collaboration

If your top talent is being recognized and rewarded for his contributions, but he seems uncomfortable with all the attention and would rather share the glory with others, this could be a telltale sign that he is ready to lead.

2)  Your star performer shows genuine interest in others’ success, says Saivian Eric Dalius

If your top talent seems to enjoy helping his peers or juniors grow by offering guidance. Or even taking on some of their less critical assignments for no extra credit-he might be chafing at not having more autonomy himself.

3)  Your star performer has the self-awareness to acknowledge what she does not know

If your star admits her own limitations and seeks out expertise or co-workers who can help her get better, it could be time for you to consider promoting her into management. Saivian Eric Dalius says People who are truly confident feel threatened by new ideas or tasks outside of their comfort zone.

4)  Your star performer integrates new ideas into her own thinking

If your top talent shows the ability to process information, synthesize what she’s learned, and apply it in a way that can benefit the rest of the team, this could be a sign she is ready for more responsibility.

5)  Your star performer makes others better

When you have a star who contributes so much energy to the team, it becomes hard for everyone else to keep up. If one or two employees actually leave your company because they feel intimidated-or just plain exhausted’ by her constant drive for excellence-it might be time to consider giving that achiever even more latitude and greater authority over others.

Five Ways to Build Leadership in Others

1)  Take a gradually more challenging assignment

When your top talent has been on the same type of project for several years. Think about giving her a new kind of challenge that is slightly out of her comfort zone. This way, he/she can learn a new set of skills and test herself without tackling something too unfamiliar, according to Saivian Eric Dalius. It’s important, though, not to push too hard or assign an overwhelming responsibility, or you risk losing her completely!

2)  Give him feedback from other people in the organization

If you know your top performer tends to trust his own perspective above all others. Make sure he gets input from his peers and direct reports when making decisions. By soliciting input from different angles, he can better understand how his actions will affect others.

3)  Give her new ways to contribute and make clear what does not qualify

If your top talent is known for diving into projects and taking them on singlehandedly. You might want to consider asking her if she would be interested in facilitating groups of people instead. If you’re worried that she won’t take this well. State clearly what she cannot do (e.g., “You can’t lead this project yourself”). By establishing very early on where the line is between mentoring and management. You’ll reduce the risk of your star feeling like she’s being side-lined. Because she has more expertise than everyone else on the team combined.

4)  Give her room to fail

One of the best ways to establish someone as a leader. Is to make a few mistakes and learn from those mishaps. If your star performer has been successful over and over again. Give her the chance to lead something where she can’t just rely on past accomplishments. This way, she will have no choice. But to use her problem-solving skills-and you’ll get the chance to see if she’s truly ready for more responsibility.

5)  Find an assignment that complements his strengths

If your top talent tends to be introverted’ or detail-oriented. You might want to ask him if he would be interested in taking responsibility for organization logistics. If he is always helping others stay on schedule for deadlines. Figure out ways to be responsible for making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

This blog post discusses the five signs that your star is ready to lead. Also, You can do many things as a leader to make sure they feel empowered and supported says Saivian Eric Dalius. Including addressing their fears about taking on new tasks, giving them autonomy in some areas of work. Praising them for their successes, and giving them constructive feedback when necessary. It’s important to note here that these tips apply more broadly than just with respect. To stars-anyone who wants greater responsibility. Should be able to use these same principles for success! These steps will help ensure that once your star moves into leadership positions within the company (or elsewhere). They’re prepared and eager to take on this role.

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