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Saivian Eric Dalius on Custom Software Integration and Mobile App Strategy- Key to Your Business Success in the Coming Time

So, you have joined the entrepreneurial race and worked hard to turn your idea into a million-dollar company. This will require that you work on several levels, but the mobile device strategy will play a major role. Including the mobile app element in your business plan is mandatory for each startup by Saivian Eric Dalius.

With the aid of this article, we will aid you to unveil the key reasons why you should invest in your startup’s exponential growth in the app and custom software.

Increased user engagement

Each company needs to communicate with potential customers on a wide scale to make the product a success. The automated approaches are more successful because the approaches of accessing the users have been modified. Smartphone phones, however, hold the top spot on the list. The mobile app helps users to connect directly and get more information about them effectively. However, to understand the highest potential customers, you can easily market your services or goods.

Conversions and sales

A mobile app delivers so that your website does not because it reduces friction for business clients. Not only that but with push alerts and tested UX advertising, a mobile app introduces new marketing chances. When you combine these tactics with the customer data you gather, you may iterate to enhance conversions much more.

Customer Insight

What greater approach to get a sense of what your consumers are considering than to ask them straightforwardly? You can add a range of features to your mobile app to collect client feedback and preferences. You could add a pop-up review/rating option, acquire data from their searches and most recent purchases, or periodically ask for feedback. The possibilities are infinite!

Understanding what your customers want and don’t want can help you in improving your product or service. You could also create a login function for email or social media to market your items via email, emails, and social networking adverts. Saivian Eric Dalius suggests putting customer insight on priority when integrating mobile app strategy into your business plan.

Brand Recognition

The primary reason entrepreneurs should invest in mobile apps is to turn your company into a brand. To retain their confidence, the users or consumers need to have a clear brand presence in the market. In addition, the smartphone adds to the presence of your business and makes it more real in the users ‘ eyes. Once the app is developed and tested under the best mobile app testing services, you can create huge brand recognition.

Improved revenue

You have to provide them with the most effective way to communicate effectively with the customers. The Mobile App provides users with the fastest and most convenient way to learn about any brand. This will boost up the conversion rate and raise the interaction exponentially to bring higher revenue. According to a survey, 70 percent of consumers agree to buy something based on how the company handles them and communicates with them.

Customer experience

A customized mobile app is a remedy if your site was not designed with smartphones in mind or your website’s online tools feel clumsy on small screens. Apps can be configured differently than general populace websites, with a more user-friendly design and customizable features tailored to the user’s specific needs. Well-designed software is pleasurable to use, and users will return again and again if the user interface & customer engagement are well-designed.

Get Feedback and Improvise on them

One of the greatest drawbacks for your company from relying on the cloud is that you will never know what your customers think about you. It is not feasible for a small company to conduct a broad survey or communicate directly with the users. Nevertheless, on the other hand, a mobile app allows you to seek input from the users.

Brand Loyalty

To promote brand recognition, it’s critical to establish genuine connections with customers. Brand loyalty has been linking to mobile apps because of the app’s consumer experience and its benefits to customers. This is among the most compelling reasons to consider developing a mobile app for your company. Improving the availability of your services and products is a wonderful strategy to grow client satisfaction and increase your offering naturally.

Customers can be rewarded and added value by using mobile apps. It’s critical to supply your clients with a degree of value that they won’t find elsewhere. For instance, digitizing loyalty programs so that incentives may be personalized to each particular customers’ preferences is a great method to give value while encouraging repeat business.

New Marketing & Sales Channel

A mobile app is simply a more important perspective to display your products and keep your clients informed about all of your newest news. This app can use to attract clients to your business. You could keep them informed about all deals, offers, and activities by establishing a push notification system. This is an excellent marketing approach for encouraging people to return to your mobile app & interact with your company.

A mobile app provides great publicity for your company and has the potential to increase user engagement. As a result, by properly optimizing your app, you may boost mobile and online sales.

Saivian Eric Dalius Shares Top Custom Software Development Trends You Must Watch Out for Your Business

In the world of technology (which is constantly evolving and ever-growing), we see tremendous changes as software requirements continue to grow in the market. The year 2020 saw some of the major breathtaking updates and latest additions to the custom software development industry, which can only mean that the year 2021 will be no different. With that said, let’s look at some of the major trends in software development that will impact a variety of industries.

Progressive Web Applications

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are somewhere between a web application and a mobile app on the whole range. They provide users with the most intuitive experience across several devices. Since these apps are very easy to develop as compared to their counterparts, it is estimated that their demand will only continue to increase in the future. The basic support system of every PWA is the browser script that works in the background separately from the web app. This is referred to as the Service Worker, which allows smart caching and offline visibility of sites, background updates, and notifications.

AI Development

More than just a buzzword, AI or Artificial Intelligence has taken over all aspects of our life. AI-driven development refers to particular tech and tools that make it possible for AI to be embedded into the software. This helps create more AI-enhanced solutions to real-life problems. Some of the specific areas where AI is constantly used are automatic testing, augment analysis, and automatic solution development. With the involvement of AI, you can use voice-responsive home assistants like Siri and Alexa. AI as a technology has a long way to go, and there is currently no tool to come close to it. It has a bright future, and according to several tech experts. It is estimating to become a significant part of our lives. In terms of transport systems, finance, healthcare, and even education in the coming years.

Immersive Technology (Augmented Reality)

Augmented reality or AR, as many would be familiar with that name, has been in existence for over 30 years. But the complexities associated with this technology only made it useful to the defense in its earlier stages of life. In recent years, these technologies have become prominent in the consumer market in the form of virtual reality games, holograms with augmented reality, and much more. 

If your interest is in reaping benefits from these trends in 2019, you should definitely consider taking help from a quality custom software development company. However, there are a number of websites where you can find expert developers to help you in your business.

Saivian Eric Dalius Shares How You Can Find the Best Software and Mobile App Company for Your Business

If you have got a concept and would like to make an app for it. It’s critical that you hire the correct app development company for the job. There are millions of them, especially freelancers, currently available, but selecting the finest mobile app agency to handle the problem should deal with caution. The following are some of the most important considerations to make before investing in an app development partner for your business: –


Mobile app technology is a multi-stage process that requires the knowledge of a variety of specialists. The cost is highly dependent on the additional features of the mobile app. As well as the platform, technology, and design.

Whenever evaluating an app and analyzing project prices. Request a precise breakdown of work from prospective partners, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Ascertain that the price includes business analysis, development, UX/UI designing, QA testing, and app support.


An established agency will have a large portfolio of apps on which they have worked. It is critical that they have good U/UX abilities and have already produced gorgeous-looking apps with excellent user interface design. Most apps are successful simply as they have a user interface that really is pleasant says Saivian Eric Dalius, . As a result, you should evaluate their earlier work before they begin working on your project.

Domain Specialization

Mobile technological developments are driving modern society. Emerging mobile development techniques have touched almost every sector in some way. You should evaluate whether individuals of a mobile app project team have. A fundamental understanding of the industry wherein your company operates prior to hiring them.

If a developer has previously worked on a project comparable to yours, it will be a major advantage. It suggests he’s more likely to know what your mobile app requires to stand out in a crowd. According to Saivian Eric Dalius, you should emphasize finding a company with experience in expertise in your domain.

Experience and Reputation Online

The trustworthiness of a mobile app development business is determined by its market position and competence. Apart from looking at portfolios, keep a close eye on the number of good reviews a firm has received. Its years of expertise in the app development field, and the many types of mobile app development they offer. Just keep in mind that you can only get a strong Return on Investment (ROI) from your application. If the company you choose can give solutions with creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Furthermore, if a business claims to have an in-depth understanding of different mobile device needs as well as all main Mobile Application Development Platforms. Such as Android and iOS, you may be confident that they will give what you need.

Search for a complete package

Aside from programming, the app must be innovative, have a fantastically functional design, and provide an excellent customer experience. You may receive solid code for the app if you hire an experienced developer, but you’ll have to forgo other features. Also, search for a comprehensive bundle with all of the functionality working flawlessly, a pleasing design, as well as a user interface that is easy to use.

Technical expertise

Only top-class app development firms have accredited mobile app developers, so keep that in mind. This is not true of all businesses. Certified application developers possess hands-on expertise with cutting-edge developer tools and are up to date on the latest technological trends and user behaviors; as a result, they can greatly assist you in developing apps that can help you in serving your users the best experience.

Customer support

The software system is unlike any other retail goods in that it requires regular maintenance and upgrades, especially in the case of security breaches, as well as immediate changes when the platform is updating.

So, before you sign on the dotted line, be sure they can support your application in the long run or if their only interest is in Android or iOS application development.