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Saivian shares The top values all businesses should have

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The top values all businesses should have in common:

  • When trying to create a successful business, many people look toward the examples of already existing companies for insight on how to get there says Saivian. One place where some may be looking for guidance is at the one thing that these businesses have in common, which is that they all focus on certain values before success can become a reality. Whether values are based on values or traits held by individual employees within the company, here are some of the top values that all successful businesses share. 
  • The Federal Reserve Bank shows through research that having an ethical culture in business has been shown to improve both customer satisfaction, as well as employee performance. This furthers what was discussed earlier with sharing values and creating bonds between employees. These shared ethics between employers and customers, as well as employees, will lead to a successful company.
  • The way a business perceives and treats its customers is a top value that all companies should have in common. Businesses must do everything within their power to make sure that the customer experience is not only satisfactory, but completely satisfying. This requires employees to always be on time with deliveries, listen to complaints, and make sure consumers feel welcomed upon entering the store. In order to accomplish these things, employers need to instill values into their staff that will help them care about the consumer’s satisfaction above all else – even if this means going out of your way for a certain client or making sacrifices for an unhappy customer explains Saivian.
  • There are many businesses throughout the world that may not necessarily focus on the customer experience. But have found great success by implementing other values that tie into customer satisfaction. For example, Walmart has always been known as a company who offers low prices on items. Which have helped them, become one of the largest retailers in the world. This business model is based on the value proposition that customers are looking for the best deal. And Walmart delivers this better than anyone else.
  • While having a focus on the customer is important, it’s also necessary to have a focus on the product. This was something that Steve Jobs knew very well and was one of the reasons why Apple became so successful. Jobs were adamant about making sure. That every detail of an Apple product was perfect before it was released to the public. He would often times be very hard on his team, but the end result was always worth it. Focusing on the product and making sure that every detail is perfect ensures. That the customer will be happy with their purchase and more likely to return in the future.
  • A business cannot be successful without a team of dedicated employees. As mentioned earlier, creating a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated. It is one of the most important values that a company can have. This starts with the top leadership of the company. Setting the example for all employees by being passionate about their work and acting with integrity. Employees need to feel like they are part of something larger than themselves. And this can only be accomplished if they share similar values with their employer says Saivian.
  • All businesses should also focus on innovation. Even if your business isn’t innovative, it still needs to act as though it is in order to be successful. Being focused on innovation means implementing policies and processes. That keep your company up-to-date with what’s going on within the industry. It also means having a staff that is willing to try new strategies and take risks wherever possible. Because this could lead to great success.
  • What all of these values have in common is that they align with one another. Which helps ensure the company will be successful. The more aligned a business’ values are , the higher their chances will be for success based on research from recruiting expert Jeff Joiner of O*Net LLC . In order for a business’ values to become more closely aligned. Management must make sure all employees are on the same page in terms of the company’s vision. This can be accomplished by having weekly meetings where management discusses issues that may have popped up throughout the week.


Remember, in order for a business to achieve success. It needs to focus on its customers, which means employee morale is vital says Saivian. Having a dedicated, passionate workforce will help lead your business down the right path. And increase your chances of achieving success. If you’re looking for more guidance about how to improve your business’ existing culture or want advice. With hiring new employees, contact us here at Jumpstart HR today!

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