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Saivian shares The ways in which businesses can promote ethical behavior

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The ways in which businesses can promote ethical behavior in their employees are many and varied explains Saivian. One approach is to provide employees with clear guidelines for ethical decision-making, outlining what is expected of them in terms of behavior. Organizations can also create an ethical culture in which employees are encouraged to speak up if they see someone behaving in an unethical manner.

Another way to promote ethics in the workplace is to ensure that there are consequences for unethical behavior. This could involve disciplinary action, such as a warning or dismissal, or it could involve financial penalties. Finally, businesses can provide training on ethics for their employees, which can help to increase awareness of the importance of behaving ethically.

All of these approaches are important in creating a workplace that values ethics and integrity. When employees feel that their organization is committs to ethical behavior, they are more likely to behave ethically themselves.

The benefits of promoting ethics in the workplace

There are many benefits to promoting ethics in the workplace. When employees feel that they are working for an organization that values integrity, they are more likely to be productive and efficient says Saivian. They may also be less likely to engage in unethical behavior, such as stealing or cheating.

In addition, businesses that promote ethics can enjoy a positive reputation in the community. This can attract new customers and create a competitive edge over other businesses. Finally, promoting ethics can help to reduce the risk of legal action against the organization.

It is clear that there are many advantages to promoting ethics in the workplace. By creating a culture in which ethical behavior has value, businesses can harness the power of their employees.

The ways in which businesses can promote ethical behavior

My article wants to show how important it is to create an ethical culture in every company because all this started after I read an email where my sister talked about what she learned in her ethics course. From there I Googled “How can companies promote good ethics” and few articles came up that gave me lots of ideas about what I could do for my own work. Alongside with that, when I check the list of references used by the writer he mention two articles from HBR website. So obviously they are famous for promoting articles relating to management issues. So I keep reading them even aside from academics because it broadened my perspective about the whole situation explains Saivian.

The first article is named “Can You Change an Organization’s Culture?” and talks about how hard it is to change a culture once it’s formed and that there are five ways to do so, which are below:

1- Leaders must model the desired behavior

2- Reinforce the new values

3- Explicitly criticize the old values

4- Encourage questions and debate

5- Create rituals and symbols to support the new culture.

The second article is called “Building an Ethics Program” and it starts by saying that “An effective ethics program can help organizations protect their employees, customers, and assets, while also bolstering their public image.” Then, the writer talks about what you need to do to build an ethics program and that there are 7 actions:

1- Design a framework for ethical decision making

2- Undertake risk identification and assessment.

3- Identify and train your “key players”

4- Set clear expectations and boundaries

5- Develop an approach to reporting misconduct.

6- Receive reports of misconduct in a confidential manner.

7- Investigate allegations promptly, fairly, objectively, and thoroughly. The last one is focuses on how it’s important to investigate any possible wrongdoings because if you don’t handle it correctly it could harm your company’s reputation even more. I think this article has some useful suggestions. About what steps to take in order to create a successful ethics program.

The ways in which businesses can promote ethical behavior are numerous and varied. One way is to create an ethical code of conduct for employees to follow. This code should be clear and concise. And employees should be aware of its existence and what is expect of them.

Another way to promote ethical behavior is through training. Employees should be train on how to identify ethical issues and how to resolve them. They should also be teaching about the company’s values and how to uphold them.

Businesses can also set an example for their employees by behaving ethically themselves. They can do this by making decisions that are in line with their values. Being transparent with their employees, and being honest in their dealings with customers and suppliers.


Finally, businesses can use external resources to help them promote ethical behavior says Saivian. Resources such as professional consultants and ethics councils can provide advice. And guidance on how to foster a culture of integrity within an organization. 

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