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Song Writing Tips for Aspiring Artists

A songwriter

So you’re a singer who has always wanted to try their luck with songwriting. But maybe, you are not quite sure where to start. In this article, we share some songwriting tips for aspiring artists. These tips will help you kickstart your songwriting career in the best possible manner!

1.     Keep an Open Mind

Musicians are inherently creative. However, you need to keep in mind that songwriting does follow a structure. Thus, when you listen to some of your favorite songs, take a deep dive and think about what differentiates those songs from the rest.

Is it the catchy melody or the chord progressions and instruments that make the song stand out? It’s important that you think beyond music. For instance, you need to study the artist and learn what you can about their songwriting process.

2.     Create a Memorable Rhythm

A lot of the most popular and catchiest songs – from hip-hop hits to country gems – are memorable because of a rhythmic motif. The next time you listen to your favorite tracks, note down how syncopated or funky melodies or backing tracks can be the most memorable parts of a song. Then, get creative with the rhythm of your own songs.

3.     Read Books

Reading keeps your mind sharp and helps you develop a vast vocabulary. As a songwriter, it’s imperative to read as you will be working with lyrics and words. However, if you don’t have time to enjoy a good book, you can listen to podcasts or opt for audiobooks. You can find plenty of them on Audible, Spotify, and YouTube.

4.     Note Down Any Spur of the Moment Inspiration

It’s extremely frustrating to come up with an incredible riff or melody, only to completely forget what it was an hour later. There’s really nothing worse than that. Thus, it’s important to note down your ideas when they are fresh in your mind. You will be glad at the reminder later when you get back to working on the song later.

5.     Test Your Songs Live

Once you have finished writing a song, it’s important that you perform it live. You can do so at a talent show or an open mic and see how the audience reacts to it. You might want to start out a little slow by playing it for your family members and friends, as performing original material in front of a live audience can make you nervous.

6.     Solicit Feedback

It’s easy to lose sight of the quality of the song after you’ve spent hours working on it. Thus, find someone you trust to give you honest feedback. You might discover they have some amazing insight on how it can be improved.

Last Few Words

We hope you found these songwriting tips for aspiring artists helpful. But it’s extremely important to remember that there’s no secret formula for successful songwriting other than the combination of talent, positivity, and hard work.