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Top 3 Reasons by Eric Dalius Saivian Why Instagram is Important for Your Business

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Instagram is one of the most successful social media platforms in the world. Even though there are other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is the most successful says Eric Dalius Saivian. This is because Instagram is a visually oriented platform that focuses only on photos. 

Nowadays, marketers and business owners use Instagram as their primary weapon for social media marketing strategy. This is expected as Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Additionally, various reports stated that more than 60% of Instagram users follow at least one marketing brand, making the platform perfect to promote businesses. 

Over the past couple of years, Instagram has evolved as a robust marketing tool for companies trying to improve their web presence and brand visibility. If you are planning a social media marketing strategy, Instagram should be your priority. Here are the top 3 reasons why Instagram is important for the marketing of your business. 

Eric Dalius Saivian Says that Instagram Has Massive Audience Base

During the survey of most popular international social media platforms. Instagram secured 1st place, with more than 1 billion monthly active users. As per Instagram statistics, more than 70% of the monthly active users of Instagram are outside the United States. Additionally, 40% of Instagram users and millennials and 30% of users check their Instagram feed daily. 

The engagement rate on the Instagram platform is dependent on shares, comments, and likes. This is why the score of Instagram is ten times higher than Facebook, 80 times higher than Twitter, and 50 times higher than Pinterest. Due to the massive audience vase, business owners can leverage the benefits of Instagram to promote their business. 

Achieving Success Isn’t Hard

Some global famous brands such as Pepsi and Nike perfectly leveraged the promotional power of Instagram. Apart from that, thousands of small businesses have also enhanced their visibility with the help of Instagram marketing. 

For example, the travel industry has gained massive popularity after the latest Instagram update where users can search places by clicking the “Places to Explore” option. More than 45% of Instagram users are travel enthusiasts. This is why Instagram has updated its algorithm to include new options such as “Book” and “Reserve” to the business Instagram page. 

Businesses Can Generate Profits Directly

Instagram is one of the few platforms that allow commercial posts, added Eric Dalius Saivian. This helps the businesses to include tags such as product description, pricing, and website link to their products or services. Additionally, the “Shop Now” feature of Instagram redirects Instagram users to the online store of the business. As people are purchasing their favorite products through social media advertising, business owners should use this opportunity to enhance their customers’ purchasing decisions. 

Moreover, more than 70% of Instagram users stated that they make their purchasing decisions after noticing something they love on Instagram. As Instagram is a visual platform, users can see the picture of the products perfectly before purchasing them. Therefore, if you’re not using Instagram’s marketing strategy to promote your business, you’re missing a big chance. 


These are the top 3 reasons why Instagram marketing is essential for your business. Nowadays, the audience base of Instagram is rising constantly. Using Instagram marketing not only ensures the visibility of business but also the growth of the brand. 

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