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Why to apply for Eric J Dalius Grant

Studying in the US is very expensive, especially when pursuing higher studies like college and university education and also beyond. The cost is increasing every year, and even student loans are not enough to meet many courses’ total funding. Bright students who want to carve out a promising career in marketing by following the footsteps of Eric J Dalius. Who has reached the pinnacle of a highly successful career. As a marketer and entrepreneur, need some financial assistance better than loans that they must not payback.

Although loans support the financing needs for higher education, students must pay it back, which often becomes a burden. It can build up stress and distract them from their goals of earning high grades. And coming out with flying colors. Instead, they would benefit from some other kind of financial assistance that does not entail any payback. So that they can pay undivided attention to their studies.

Types of financial assistance available for students

Against this background, students would prefer to avail themselves of some scholarship or grant. Which are financial aids that do not require any payback.  Eric J Dalius perfectly understands what kind of financial assistance students need to pursue their educational goals. With a free mind and without any worries. And this is why Eric’s foundation, created exclusively to provide financial assistance to promising students, plays a vital role. He is ready to stand by students who have the spark. In them of becoming successful entrepreneurs and mold them in a way that helps to realize his dream of creating a band of exceptionally talented entrepreneurs who can contribute to the country’s economy.

 Scholarships and grants serve the same purpose

Often we speak about scholarships and grants in the same breath because both serve. The same purpose of providing financial assistance to students who display some exceptional merit that helps them qualify for the aid. Students receiving the grant or scholarship can use the money to pay for higher education necessities like tuition fees, textbooks, room, boarding, etc. Although the terms are the same from the literary perspective, and people might often confuse the two, each has its guidelines and eligibility requirements. The biggest similarity is that these are like donations from the organizations. That offers it and does not require repayment as it happens with loans.

 Why apply for grants?

Although scholarships and grants have broad similarities, there is a fine line of difference between them. Scholarships are merit-based, and grants are need-based.  Only when students can establish their financial needs to fund their education to fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations. Can they apply for grants offered by Eric’s foundation?  

The grant amount is determined by considering the total expenses of attending a particular college for one year. It includes the total cost of living and not just the tuition fees and also allied educational expenses. By offering grants to students, Eric wants to encourage more innovation. And promote excellence that helps create a band of exceptional leaders. In the industry that can make the country more prosperous.